Grant Advance Services and Products

Campaign Manager/Management Centre

Our Campaign Manager allows you to create a project library of all of your specific funding objectives. Campaign Manager also provides a Project Summary of your progress to date, including details on each of your campaigns, the number of funders you have targeted, and which documents you have prepared using our Document Generators. Other features include Favourites Lists, Custom Database Uploads, and customization of individual Project Settings.

Our Management Centre provides a Campaign Calendar for developing annual funding strategies, detailed reports on your current campaigns, editing and tracking tools, as well as a Document Library for streamlining document preparation.

Search Engines

Finding the right foundations to apply to is the single most important factor in successfully applying for grants. Grant Advance gives you total flexibility in customizing your search with eight integrated search functions—Giving History, Giving Interest, Foundation Name, Director, Year of Registration, Ratings, Corporations, and Custom Donor lists. You can view detailed reports on each potential funder, including contact information, list of directors, historic giving patterns, geographic distribution of grants, funding interests, average grant size, and much more. You can also add or export selected funding organization to specific projects or favourite lists.

Document Generators

Grant Advance provides four unique Document Generators to assist you in the creation of your Letter of Inquiry, Grant Proposal, Custom Documents and your Project Budget. Each Document Generator provides step-by-step instructions for each section of your document. In the text fields you can then enter your story, which can be enhanced with images, charts, and tables. With the master document complete, you can then customize individual documents for each of the funders added to your project. Our Document Generators automatically insert your signature as well as the name and address of each funder, including drop-down options to change your salutation and to select from a list of the current registered directors of the organization. We also display the average grant amount that each funder typically awards in order to assist you in customizing your request. There are also helpful links that direct you to professional online tutorials and templates. It doesn't get any simpler than that!

Grant Secretary

Everyone needs a good secretary! Grant Advance understands this and has created an Executive Assistant to make the final stages of your application simple and seamless. With Grant Secretary, you can select your project and review or edit the documents you have created for each individual foundation to which you are applying. Documents and labels can be printed individually or in batches. A status report will let you know with a single glance which documents you have approved for printing and which documents you still want to work on.


If you have shopped around, you already know that Grant Advance provides a very low-cost, easy-to-use service. While we continue to keep our costs low we are committed to providing responsive and quality support services . If you’d like to speak with us we welcome you to call us directly at our toll free number or use our convenient online Support Request services. One of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will look forward to speaking with you. We also provide online support for answers to many common questions. You will find Tutorials, User Guides, Training Videos, FAQs, and Education sections in our Online Support module.